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The Beauty Bunch

About Us

We are a bunch of beauty lovers that want to get connected.

Be part of our island of beauty and let’s start our journey together!

Do what you love.

Do you.

We want to be a growing community, we aspire to connect with each other, to support each other and find happiness in our passion for beauty and make-up products. 

We also want to meet monthly. This is why, we have created the monthly Beauty Brunches, a series of events where beauty lovers meet. 

What we believe in

house rules

We are a community and we try to build meaningful connections.

This means that we believe in being honest, being true, documenting a journey with make-up/ beauty products and expressing our unique experiences with a product.

We have zero tolerance for hate, discrimination, non-ethical conduct of any kind.

We reserve the right to delete disruptive, profane or socially irresponsible reviews and uploads and to block persistently disruptive users. 

We are here because our love for beauty has brought us together.