Cult Beauty Advent calendar is in our possession!

Cult Beauty Advent calendar is in our possession!

This item was sold out in 2 hours. I repeat: SOLD OUT IN 2 HOURS and we fully understand why!

When cult beauty announced their first advent calendar, we were so excited, we immediately joined the wait list and announced on our page. 

Exactly one month later it is in our possession and we can’t be more happy about it!

The excitement we had when we saw that were were able to purchase it and the 3 days later the DHL message appeared on our screen, was beyond imagination.

The package is heavy, I can tell you that, but because it’s backed with all the good things. How do I know? well, I did not wait until Xmas to open it, did you really think i would do that? In the following period, we will start with all goodies it has prepared, but today wanted to mention the biggest little box: day 25th 🙂

It has in it a variety of samples from brands I could not wait to try:

Two Faced> Damn Girl Mascara

Zelenis>Transformr Instant renewal Mask

Anastasia> Clear brow gel

Omorovioza> Miracle face oil

Fresh> Soy Face cleanser

It cosmetics> Confidence in a cream

Hourglass>Veil Primer

Nars> Lipstick

Patchology > illuminating eye gel

Zitsticka samples

25 pounds gift card.



This is just amazing! We are super excited to try these on and review them in our reviews section.

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