Cult Beauty Goodie Bag Autumn 2019 has arrived!

Cult Beauty Goodie Bag Autumn 2019 has arrived!

Can you think of a better way to start a Monday after a vacation than to have a package waiting for you?

And not just any package, but the Cult Beauty Autumn Goodie bag.

Packed with 23 free pcs, this goodies bag was a total moment of happiness when I first saw it on Instagram.

I immediately filled my basket and tried to add it to the basket. There is no time to lose in these situations J

But the USAVIP code did not want to work, we will get there in second, so before that just to make sure: found out along the way that you really need to add the “” before the code, in order for it to work.

Anyway, code was still not working, so what was there to do than to spam Astoria, hi dear, their super nice customer support from TWO email addresses!

Hey, desperate times call from desperate measures!

Their team is top and soon she replied that it’s only for VIP, but not to worry as they have thousands. Ahhh the joy! So, besides the fact that my head was already working on a VIP strategy- what can I do, push-up? There was nothing to be done than to wait for it to be public.

And lord it was and it somehow was available for the fast shipping- which means I placed the order Friday and Monday was waiting for me!

Now coming to the good stuff: the goodies bag is a joy!

It’s filled with face masks, lippies, creams, serums and some other goodies from brands I really wanted to try: Fresh, Oui, Milk, Lime crime.

I order some good stuff as well: Sunday Riley, Alpha H, Pixie, Morphe- but more on these will follow soon.

Going back to the goodie back, it is kind of a nice idea! I know they release it quarterly so it makes sense to invest a bit more every 3 months and then get on top 23 small pieces, or even Deluxe to try on. Yayyyy!

Will update you as we go along testing them, but so far, Lime Crime is Bomb! I usually eat lipstick and can’t stand it muh, but this one is like a light layer of paint that won’t come off and you don’t even feel having it. How cool is that?

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