Michaela Omasta – Make-up Artist

Michaela Omasta – Make-up Artist

Michaela Omasta
I am a creative makeup artist with 4 + years of experience applying makeup to my customers, models and performers, doing many beauty photoshootings, business looks and makeup for every occasion.
I am always keen to learn new skills in makeup and beauty world. I started as Beauty Consultant to promote the skin products and educating clients on skin care principles. After short time I found my passion for Makeup Artistry.
I love to help people feel better about themselves. My philosophy is, that I like it to be quick and I like it to be natural.
It’s not about how you look, it’s about what you do look like – Makeup is a way, to change how you feel, makes you comfortable in your skin and enhance who you are.
Because BEAUTY comes from confidence. You have to embrace yourself!
With love,
MIA Artistry


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