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Trying out Clinique’s airbrush concealer

Trying out Clinique’s airbrush concealer

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My relationship with make-up goes through stages, every month, in relation to my schedule, my mood and of course, the menstrual cycle. I have not reached the point where I put make-up on everyday or the opposite scenario, where I use no make-up.

My beauty habits are somewhere in between mild-make-up and all-natural. They have to do with my own relationship with femininity, which isn’t set in stone. When I feel low or unattractive I use mascara and eyeliner to “hide” it or simply give myself a boost.

Other times, I use mascara and eyeliner to celebrate a good state of mind I’m in. So, mascara, eyeliner, and a golden eye shadow are my go to make-up items when in the mood for make-up. However, this is not a post about them. I’m going to talk about another item – the concealer and the somewhat unsettling journey of acquiring it. 

I used concealer in high school, not because I needed to, but because it was something girls did. I would use it more on my lips (in retrospect, it looked a bit unsettling) than the dark circles underneath my eyes.

Nowadays, I’ve rekindled my relationship with it because I had to wear contact lenses for a short while. It became obvious that whatever I had hidden behind glasses up to that point was now out on display. I saw it, but most importantly, others saw it and commented on it. So, I gave in to peer pressure and went on an eyeliner quest. I went to a big cosmetics store, which I usually avoid because I don’t like being jumped on by overly enthusiastic employees. In an attempt to help and meet their daily quota, they actually mess with your customer experience. I’d rather ask for help when I need it, not be bombarded with questions and smiles. In this particular situation, I had two interactions.

First, a woman asked me what I’m looking for. I said, of course, eye concealer.  She said they have a few, but she’s going to summon one of her colleagues. A second woman appeared out of thin air and started examining my eyes. She seemed conflicted about something, I asked her what’s the problem, she said she might not have what I’m looking for. The first woman got triggered by this horrific statement and made an exasperated face at the second woman, as if to tell her to shut up and take my money. I was both amused and unsettled.

The second woman tried a few different concealers on me, until my eyes became red, but the right shade had been found. I decided on Clinique’s airbrush concealer, which I now use every so often, because I stopped wearing contact lenses. I enjoy putting it on – it feels like I’m paying attention to a part of my face I usually ignore. It’s a decent product because it does what its suppose to, but I dislike that my eyes aren’t totally at ease with it, especially in the summer. 



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