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Review Moroccan Rose Nourishing Hand Cream dr Botanicals

Review Moroccan Rose Nourishing Hand Cream dr Botanicals

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“OMG! This is one incredible hand cream! I got it as par of one of my multiple subscription boxes 💁🏼😜 and I was expecting it to be quite ok. One very wintery day I was in desperate need of good hand cream as I have been washing dishes and cleaning the apartment – VERY dry hands ALERT! – so I dug into my products and I found this one. With no expectation whatsoever I opened it and right away it stroke me, a gentle yet nice summery smell. I put on the cream and I fell instantly in love!! The cream is smooth and it absorbs very fast into the skin, without giving you that sticky, too-moisturized feeling that some creams give you. It makes your hands instantly feel smooth.
The packing is also very cute! it fits in every purse I have and it is quite well made, so it won’t explode if all of a sudden your purse is full of things and your poor cream is in the bottom.
I would totally recommend it! Even more for these winter days that we all need some good creams to help our skins! 🙂
The only drawback I can see is the price, 30€ for 50 ml, said cream is quite a price BUT TOTALLY worth it. Sometimes you got to invest a bit to get the absolute best for your skin 😜

Review by Possibly the best Hand cream I have ever tried!

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