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OPI Infinite Shine Nail Polish Review

OPI Infinite Shine Nail Polish Review

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Hello. Beside being obsessed by make up and skin care, I have another love/obsession… nails. I had this since I was in high school :).

I liked to paint my nails… a lot, french manicure was a trend in that period. Since then I have bought many nail polish brands, some of them cheap, some of them more expensive and had good and bad experiences with both categories.

Few years ago (8 to be more precise) I heard about OPI. I was wondering what is this brand, so I stared to ask friends if they used it, if they have read about it and what was the overall opinion. After many discussions, I was convinced that it is a good brand and I wanted to try it. The thing is that the price was high for the budget I had in that period, so I only bought one, something with mirror effect (another thing in trend for that period). I was super impressed by how long it lasted on the nails and I used it over and over again, until I have finished the bottle.

Since then, the budget has increased and it allowed me to buy more OPI nail polish (picture with my collection, although I thrown in the trash 5 pieces as they were dry) . .. and so I did :)).

How am I painting my nails: I am using a nail treatment (Eveline is the brand), primer (step 1), nail polish (step 2) and top coat (step 3). I am very satisfied with the quality, it lasts more than 6-7 days (for me). I would also recommend other nail polishes, but I will come back in another review for the brands. What I am interested in when I am buying a nail polish are: colour, to be shiny, to last long on the nails. I don’t really care about the brand, as long as it satisfies my needs.

Review by Alexandra Delcea


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