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Pigment eyeshadow from MAC COSMETICS
Pigment eyeshadow from MAC COSMETICS
Pigment eyeshadow from MAC COSMETICS

Pigment eyeshadow from MAC COSMETICS

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We have recently gone to a trip in Lisbon and we had a bit of waiting time, so we saw MAC Cosmetics in the Airport and it was it’s nice to see some diversity in the duty free sections, which equals less money for vacation and more products to buy. YEYYY!

Usually, I have a love-hate relationship with MAC. I got in the past some  great mineralize powder,  had some issues with matching tones in foundations, got some blushes, concealer, the usual, but I have never purchased something for the eyes. And  while we were scrolling in the shop, this little tube came to my attention.

Initially, I thought it was body glitter and I have not used much of those ever since Dove was around with the shimmering body lotion ( that like so last century, I know). But looked a bit more on the package and actually saw that this one was a loose eye shadow. On the hand swatch and with those store lights, man, I had a feeling that some angels were kissing my skin. I think I have tried the rose gold version and it was just perfect! Seconds later, I instantly purchased it.

I remember they had also a white pearl version, I think it was Vanilla shade, but I was more drawn to the rose gold one( I think it’s called chopper?!). When I got home and started playing with it, I realized that  this whole little jar is not such a bad idea.The main advantage is that, no matter what I used to prime the lid, sometimes it’s just cream, sometimes I drag the concealer across the lid, but in any circumstance, this thing smooths so well on the lid that it barely crests.Another advantage is that you can also built up the intensity of the colorYou can make it really light for a day to day make-up, or go a bit more intense, add some liner and wear it for a party. It just stays there.  Downsize it can be that it can be a bit messy, so maybe you want to use a flat brush to apply it. Those type of concealer brush came in really handy when you wanted to apply the product.Next thing you know, some time after, my friend was in the airport and she called to ask about something from MAC. I remembered the pearly one, so asked her to get me one.This performs good as well, it’s somehow more subtle, but works wonders on a glowy summer skin. Can’t wait to try it in my vacation!

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