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Smooth and refined skin with NIP+FAB
Smooth and refined skin with NIP+FAB
Smooth and refined skin with NIP+FAB

Smooth and refined skin with NIP+FAB

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Restored smooth and refined complexion with products from NIP+FAB: they do what the name says and I’ve been missing such products for a while now!

Heard about them while I randomly doing my daily websites checks-up. I have a few currents that I visit daily because …why not?

Some read the news, I read new offers on beauty sites and I think this time it was on https://www.lookfantastic.com/ and they were giving away two products from the brand if you made a certain amount purchase. Wanted to check them out and explored the brand a bit.

Seems they have a few lines for acne skin, fine lines, exfoliating line. All in all, they had some natural ingredients, looked fab and also pretty good price points. In the next 30 mins, my basket was full, especially with some acne products, such as exfoliating pads, acne serum,  masks,  but I was kind of off budget for the month. As a result, I decide to postpone a bit the purchase.

Next day, Saturday morning, my fav, was meeting a friend for coffee, so thought I can run by TK Maxx for some cheap therapy: meaning I’m telling myself I just look and don’ t buy. End up buying the whole store. Guess what? They had NIP + Fab all over the place, most of products were sealed ( it’s really a hustle to find unopened products there) and everything was around 5 euro each. Say that again…slowly…5 e u r o!

Got myself some: exfoliating pads, face cream, exfoliating mask, serum and Kale infused make-up remover pads (bought 3 packs of pads, because why not?).

Testing sessions started immediately after the coffee with the exfoliating mask. I must mention that during that period, I was experimenting some breakout…. always had bumpy skin, former acne warrior, enlarged pored and brown pigmentation. Some days it looks good, some it does not. The ones that I hate the most are the ones under the skin, around the jawline. Took me ages to get them in control.

Nevertheless, I’ve started using the GLYCOLIC FIX DAILY CLEANSING PADS SINCE DAY 1. They are in a sort of a jar, all moisturized and come in 60 pcs. Usually, I keep them next to the bed and use them after I clean my face in the evening and then apply the NO NEEDLE FIX SERUM. This combo took less than a week to eliminate all of minor breakouts I was experimenting.

The skin feels a bit thick after you use it, so I didn’t use it for a daytime routine, such as combining it with foundation or powder. For the day, I’ve been moisturizing with the NO NEEDLE FIX CREAM with SPF 20, which performs pretty good under foundation and makes a dope combo with the IT Cosmetics CC cream. There is still something about the taste this cream leaves, so I think it will not be the next purchase in the future.

But the pads, man the pads!

I will be around 3 weeks now using them every night and even some of my old pigmentation is gone. The skin looks so smooth and ready for foundation. Who does not love a foundation skin ready skin?!

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