How to cope with isolation: small steps I took to regain balance

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How to cope with isolation: small steps I took to regain balance

How to cope with isolation: small steps I took to regain balance

It’s been already so long since our last blog post that it seems the world has changed.

Wait, the world CHANGED!

I’ve been meaning to write this post for so long, but I could not find the energy to do so. On one side I feel guilty, on the other, I try to pat myself on the shoulders just because I made it so far. It’s been already more than a month (forgot to count) since we are in lockdown or quarantine or isolation or avoid human contact. There are many articles about the subject, I’m sure we can find, but I will try to stick to the beauty part of this experience since that’s why we are all here: our passion for beauty and cosmetics.

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Still, I can’t ignore this full month. Initially, like most of the people, I saw it as an occasion to spend more time with myself, to take care of my body and just to breathe for a while.

First week was full of hope: I started doing exercises, got excited about all the free online resources, navigating through Facebook lives and overall consuming 50% more social media than usual.

The world was changing under our eyes, but I somehow was ok with everything and had a glimpse of optimism.

Two weeks in the journey, I was already gaining a few pounds more and was in total despair, with very little routine or skincare regime, though I was not lacking the products. I was just lacking the energy and the will. For anything. Probably cried during those two weeks more than in a usual half a year, period hormones included and was just about to finish Netflix, as that was the only type of reality I could accept around me.

Soon realized I was unhappy, with my looks, with my skin, with my body, with my mind…with everything. I knew from the start that I was getting myself into a VERY small sacrifice for a greater good and I was prepared by having a horrible full year last year, so I had all the data to be OK during this time. But planning and reality are totally different things.


Then I started making little changes, very little ones:

  • continued with my beauty routine during the morning and evenings
  • placed a small candle next to my workspace to refresh myself
  • took longer showers
  • ate more strictly: max two meals per day
  • consumed less social media ( as much as I could)

As I said, very small steps, but overall they contributed to my mental health.

So far, one month and a half in and I am a bit better, a bit more balanced, a bit more ok with the situation, less destructive and more aware of my mental states.

In my next article will detail my skincare routine, since I managed to pass the point of self-destruction and move into the point of working with what I have.

How are you coping? How is it at your end?

You know, we are not alone in this.

Sending all the love,

The BB.

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